Winterizing Your Motorcycle

Cleaning and Storage of Your Motorcycle for Winter

Bikes in winter

Don’t let your bike wear down because of weather. Winterize your bike this Fall.

Winter is almost here in Eastern Michigan, and it’s time to start thinking about getting the old motorcycle into storage. If you’ve never winterized a motorcycle the task can be overwhelming. You might be asking yourself “How do I winterize my motorcycle, and where do I start?”

Well, the first place to start is by cleaning and detailing your bike. You’ll need soap, degreaser, bug and tar remover, metal polish, brushes of all sizes, micro fiber rags, and other cleaning materials. Make sure your bike is cooled down, the last thing you want to do is spray cold water on a hot engine.

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Fall Color Runs- Best Bike Rides of Michigan

Well, it is officially fall in Michigan! For motorcycle riders in Michigan this is the most beautiful time of year to hit the trails and get involved in fall color runs across the state, both lower and upper Michigan.

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Awesome ATV Trails In Michigan

Great Places To Ride Your ATV! 

Every star is a different ATV trail

Every star is a different ATV trail

Michigan seems to have it all. The great lakes, the great outdoor, and great ATV trails. The Northern part of the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula are filled with great trails and places to ride. Here are a few we found:

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We Buy ATV, Boats and Powersports Vehicles From All Over

We buy used ATVUnfortunately, summer is winding down. I know it is a complete bummer. If you enjoyed your ATV all summer and the great outdoors, but might be thinking about earning some extra cash for the fall, we have the answer.

Sell us your ATV, that is right we buy used ATVs all the time. It is a great way for you to make some extra cash without dealing with the hassle of selling it on your own. We are always looking for models from 2000 and newer.

We buy from all over the midwest. Just simply fill out our quote form and we will respond to your submission with a great offer. Once the price is agreed on we will arrange pick up and issue you a check just that simple!

But What About My Boat?

The great thing about USA Powersports is we are part of a huge network of powersports buyers. Our friends at Sell Us Your Boat are always looking to buy used boats from Michigan to Florida.

They buy all sorts of boats like bass boats, center console boats, walk around boats and even all purpose fishing boats, they buy it all, submit a quote today for a great offer on your boat.

What About Us West Coast Sellers?

Another long standing part of our network is Sell Your Motorcycle For Cash. They buy motorcycles and powersports vehicles form all over California. At Sell Your Motorcycle For Cash they offer the best prices for used vehicles in California.

Of course we also have partners in Georgia at Sell My Motorcyle. They have been buying bikes in the great state of Georgia for years and have been one of the regions top motorcycle buyers.

Finally we did not forget about the sunshine state itself, Florida. At Sell My Motorcycle Online they specialize in buying motorcycles all over Florida.  Not only do they buy bikes but they also buy used ATVs as well.

At USA Powersports we have a large network of powersports buyers all over the country and we are always willing to buy your used powersports vehicle for a fair price.

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Great Lakes Great Times!

Personal Water Craft Vehicles and the Great Lakes

Sea do, wave runner, personal water craft vehicle

The Great Lakes can be a great time for you and your PWC!

Some people don’t realize it, but Lake Michigan and the rest of the Great Lakes are a great hidden treasure for outdoor water sports. Boating, sailing, jet skiing, and tubing, we’ve got room for all of it. We’ve got fishing, beaches,  and other water based recreations make for the perfect vacation for anyone who loves the water.

Lake Michigan also hosts a plethora of great towns and places on the lakes to visit as well. From great cities like Detroit, Green Bay, Milwaukee, and Chicago, to the smaller cities and towns like Sandusky, Cleveland, Traverse City and Gary Indiana in the Midwest, there is no shortage of great places to visit. All these coastal towns know what they’ve got.

Most of the country doesn’t realize how great the freshwater Great Lakes really are. It’s almost like we get the benefits of the ocean without having to deal with the damage salt can do to your engine and personal watercraft vehicle. The best part of all this? The fact that owning a boat or using a marina isn’t going to cost you both of your legs and your first born child.

Sell Us Your PWC

But just because having a personal watercraft vehicle isn’t as expensive, doesn’t mean it comes without cost to you. Having to keep on on repairs and not being able to use them during the brutal winters can be a real buzz kill. What’s a water lover to do?  Dealers are notorious for scheming and trying to take advantage of their customers. They undercut your price, feed you some slick sales line and frankly, are just a pain to deal with.

We’re heard too many horror stories about dealers, which is why we operate Our professionals have decades of experience with PWC and other powersports.  So, we wanted to create an easy way for people to sell their used sea-doo’s, wave runners, and other personal watercraft vehicles (PWC). We made our process easy and free.  All you have to do is fill out the online form here, and we come back to you with a quote. You don’t have to commit to selling us your Skidoo or other PWC until you’re ready to accept our offer and get your cash!

Also if you need a place to sell your boat check out our friends at


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