Properly Wash Your Motorcycle

Properly Wash Your Motorcycle

Now that the weather is nice enough to pull your motorcycle out of the garage and give it a nice wash and wax, we have put together some tips on washing your own motorcycle. Some choose to wash their motorcycle after a short period of time, while others wait until the road dust, grease, or grime are visible. Regardless of how often you choose to wash your motorcycle here are some important tips!

Proper Way To Wash Your Motorcycle

Start by “assessing the damage”. How much of a mess do you really have on your hands? Is it just a little dusty from dirt and debris, or did you recently go off-roading through the mud? Based on the amount of dirt or type of dirt can help give you a place to start when selecting the proper tools and wash needed.

When getting started, ensure that your motorcycle engine is completely cool. Unlike a car, motorcycles have a lot of exposed engine parts, meaning they get just a dirty as the paint job on your bike. Make sure that the engine has at least cooled down enough to touch so you do not burn yourself. Your best bet would be ensuring that it is completely cool.

You don’t need any special water to avoid water marks being left on your bike. Simply make sure your bike is cool and you do not wash in direct sunlight. The only thing you will want to ensure is that your cleaning solution/water mix is not highly acidic or does not contain a lot of alkalines as this can dull your paint or ruining the finish of your motorcycle.

Be Careful Around Electronics

Motorcycles are made to be resistant to water, but they are not waterproof. You will want to avoid high-pressure water on the electronics, although a lighter spray is just fine. Here are some additional things you may want to have handy, other than your sponge and cleaning solution, to get a successful wash and detail on your bike.

  • Detail brush
  • Air compressor (to blow dust and dirt from crevices and help with drying)

Wait until your motorcycle is completely dry to determine if you want to do anything further. We recommend adding wax to your motorcycle as it works as a sunscreen and helps prevent dullness in the paint. Whether you want to buff out small scratches or scuffs is 100% up to you.

If you have any questions about properly caring for your motorcycle, contact the professionals. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible….but we won’t do the washing for you!

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