Your Used Bike Dealership

Attention motorcycle lovers! USA Powersports has relocated to 127 Barnum St in Dundee, MI 48131. We are glad to still be in the area with the wonderful people of Dundee. Our Pre-Owned Bike Warehouse features the best used motorcycles from all over the United States.

Swing by to say hi or set up an appointment to view our new pre-owned auction in Michiganmotorcycle warehouse! If you don’t see anything that you like, we also have a vehicle request option. USA Powersports allow you to request a used bike you would like! We have offer many options. Come see which one fits you best.

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New Warehouse Great Deals On Pre-Auction Motorcycles

Our friends at Sell Us Your Bike are riding hard, searching for used motorcylces to buy from people who want to sell their motorcycle, fast. These used motorcycles come back to our new Pre-Auction Bike Warehouse where motorcycle buyers will get great deals on bikes from people who sell their motorcycles around the United States for cash.

After we buy them we are giving you the opportunity to take a look in our new Motorcycle Warehouse before we ship them to National Powersports Auction in one of the other 5 major states we buy from;

  • California
  • Texas
  • Ohio
  • Georgia


We are moving to another location in Dundee Michigan! Our bike buyers are buying used motorcycles and other powersports around the United States, offering you the opportunity to get first dibs! Visit us at 127 Barnum or CONTACT US to get our current motorcycle inventory info.

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Lane Splitting for Motorcycle Purchasers in Michigan

Lane sharing is a big issue this holiday season for all people looking to do motorcycle purchases in Michigan. Motorcyclists all over the United States are uniting to make motorcycle splitting legal across the country. Lane splitting is defined by a two wheeled vehicle moving between lanes of a road going in the same direction.

Currently lane splitting in California is not legal or illegal but many people still look to California and other countries to set a safe example. While the government of California does acknowledge that this practice does happen, they remind all California motorcyclists to assume that cars do not see them, avoid the blind spots of cars and large trucks, and to pay close attention to your speed to decrease the chances of crashes or injuries.

Legalizing lane sharing on all public roads will allow the government to regulate the way in which motorcyclists are able to pass cars. Regulation will minimize the problems that can occur from lane splitting and make it safe.

We want to know how you feel about lane sharing or splitting being legal in the United States. Tell us on Facebook.



USA Powersports has a variety of used motorcycles available for people who want to make used motorcycle purchases in Michigan. If you want to be a motorcycle purchaser and don’t see what you are looking for, use our request a vehicle form or sell us your bike.

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Holiday Cash For Your Bike

Holiday Cash For Your Bike

Looking to sell your bike this holiday season for cash? Maybe you would like to sell your old bike to put towards a new one for Christmas for yourself or a loved one, we can help. We are looking to buy all types of motorcycles such as cruisers, dirt bikes, street bikes and more. With the holiday season fast approaching, sell your bike to the people that can give you the best bang for your buck, Sell Us Your

At Sell Us Your Bike we offer you a fair amount  for your bike that will not make you feel cheated. Why bother with stingy dealerships that do not have your best interests in mind, or post your bike on eBay that charges you for every little thing. By using Sell Us Your Bike, you will get the most for your motorcycle this holiday season.

At Sell Us Your Bike we are one of the nations largest wholesalers of Motorcycles and powersports vehicles and we offer the best possible prices anywhere. We will pick up at your home or the location of your convenience anywhere in the U.S.

Get a free appraisal today so you can know exactly what your bike is worth. The process is easy, once you fill out the appraisal form, we will then contact you about picking up the bike and write you a check for the motorcycle. Contact us today and get what you truly deserve for your motorcycle!


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We Are Closing Our Showroom

You may or may not have caught wind that our showroom is closing. Yes, it is true, we have closed our dealership officially as of 10/12. We would like to inform you that we are still working! You can call or utilize our website for services that you need such as requesting a motorcycle, motorcycle appraisals, or selling a motorcycle.

We apologize for the inconvenience but promise to still give you the same great service as in the past.

Stay up to date on our Facebook Page!



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Friday Night Bike Night!

Looking for a fun time for bikers? Every Friday night throughout the summer and early fall, Gibralter Trade Center North in Mount Clemens has Friday Night Bike Night. From 5:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. outside under the 7,200 square foot covered pavilion you will find a stage, dance floor, lights, tables, chairs, heaters (if it’s too chilly), a food tent and a full bar in the midst of fun people. Every Friday, we have a live band performing on stage.

Its a great time, and families are welcomed. This outdoor venue is perfect for bikers who want to keep an eye on their motorcycle while hanging with friends. It is a fun afternoon and time with friends, also a great way to see some really cool bikes, join us this Friday!

For more information:

Event Hours:

Please Contact For More Information:
(586) 465-6440

CONTACT Customer Service
PHONE 586-465-6440



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Ride Safe in Michigan

It seems more and more we hear about tragic motorcycle accidents in Michigan as well as many other states across the country. In 2012 Michigan changed their helmet law making it the riders choice whether to wear a helmet while operating a motorcycle. And since the law has taken affect more and more motorcyclist continue to ride without a helmet, even after the increase in motorcycle tragedies.

Whether you think you are the best rider in the world or your are riding for the first time, always remember that motorcycle accidents are not always the rider’s fault. Often times car or truck drivers will not see a motorcyclist, whether it be because of a blind-spot or failure to pay attention. Regardless of who’s at fault, not wearing a helmet as a cyclist can make a difference between life or death.

As a fellow motorcyclist, I don’t say these things to scare you, but to stress the importance of riding safe in Michigan. Always be sure to be insured and wear a helmet!

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Motorcycle Techniques

If you are an experienced motorcycle rider, you probably already know to check your tire pressure, signal lights, and oil levels before every ride. You may think that your riding abilities are great but if you haven’t rode all season long, your skills can soon become rusty. Every rider, new or old, needs a warm up or a work out to keep you fully aware and prepared for the road that lies before you. With preparation comes techniques. Following the two skills below will not only boost your confidence level but will be refreshing as well.

  1. At a friction zone, slow your speed down. This is usually used when turning around in parking lots, in city traffic, and on a highway to change direction. Your rear brake is applied to create a drag which then increases the stability of the motorcycle. Throttle at a constant level to create power then clutch the controls delivery of power to the rear wheel. Be sure that your upper body is relaxed amotorcycle-stunter-tyre-burnout-1301095-mnd that you don’t use the front brake while doing this.
  2. The sharp right turn technique is a challenge because you’re required to turn sharply in a smaller area such as a right lane. You have to be in control of your bike because this technique can throw you to the outside of your turn if you don’t avoid the power of your motorcycle. Make sure you manage your throttle to keep it smooth and aim for a 90 degree angle when turning. Extend your right elbow far away from your body to avoid elbow cramping and allow more space for you to maneuver your turn. After you turn, release the throttle completely and put your fingers back on the handlebar fully to grip. Position your feet back from the levers on the balls of your feet. Continue to practice this technique until perfected.

If you’re looking to buy a motorcycle or currently have an old motorcycle but want to try these techniques out on a newer bike, contact USA Automotive. We sell bikes of all brands and in many vibrant colors!


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Properly Wash Your Motorcycle

Now that the weather is nice enough to pull your motorcycle out of the garage and give it a nice wash and wax, we have put together some tips on washing your own motorcycle. Some choose to wash their motorcycle after a short period of time, while others wait until the road dust, grease, or grime are visible. Regardless of how often you choose to wash your motorcycle here are some important tips!

Start by “assessing the damage”. How much of a mess do you really have on your hands. Is it just a little dusty from dirt and debris, or did you recently go off-roading through the mud? Based on the amount of dirt or type of dirt can help give you a place to start when selecting the proper tools and wash needed.

When getting started, ensure that your motorcycle engine is completely cool. Unlike a car, motorcycles have a lot of exposed engine parts, meaning they get just a dirty as the paint job on your bike. Make sure that the engine has at least cooled down enough to touch so you do not burn yourself. Your best bet would be ensuring that it is completely cool.

You don’t need any special water to avoid water marks being washing-motorcycleleft on your bike. Simply make sure you bike is cool and you do not wash in direct sunlight. The only thing you will want to ensure is that your cleaning solution/water mix is not highly acidic or does not contain a lot of alkaline as this can dull your paint or ruining the finish of your motorcycle.

Motorcycles are made to be resistant to water, but they are not waterproof. You will want to avoid high pressure water on the electronics, although a lighter spray is just fine. Here are some additional things you may want to have handy, other than your sponge and cleaning solution, to get a successful wash and detail on your bike.

  • Detail brush
  • Air compressor (to blow dust and dirt from crevices and help with drying)

Wait until your motorcycle is completely dry to determine if you want to do anything further. We recommend adding a wax to your motorcycle as it works like a sunscreen and helps prevent dullness in the paint. Whether you want to buff out small scratches or scuffs is 100% up to you.

If you have any question on properly caring for your motorcycle, contact the professionals. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible….but we wont do the washing for you!

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Preparing to Ride Off-Road

Riding an off road motorcycle requires a lot of bike, body, riding and mental preparation. Before riding a dirt bike, you will want to ensure that it is clean and check to see if the nuts and bolts are in the right place so that it’s safe to ride. As far as your body preparation, you have to make sure you do enough cardio, strength, and flexibility training to help you maintain balance and stability while riding your bike. Being flexible also allows you to decrease injury rates. When preparing to ride your off-road motorcycle, learn the basics (i.e. speed and riding skills) so that you can become more familiar with the bike and the road…well the trails. Focus on your weaknesses more so than your strengths…this will help you become a better rider. Being confident and open minded prior to riding your off-road motorcycles helps you mentally because it keeps your mind centered on the road.

Being protected with the right gear is the number one priority when riding any type of motorcycle whether a cruiser, sport bike, dirt bike, or crotch rocket. USA Powersports even more so encourages you to wear helmets, goggles, body armor, gloves, and boots while riding an off-road motorcycle as the terrain is much more to handle than a paved road.

If you are interested in purchasing or financing an off-road motorcycle, contact us today! We promise to give you our best performance.


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New Inventory Arriving At USA Powersports!

Have you ever made a couple consecutive trips to a store, maybe a clothing store or a toy store for the kids, looking for something in particular but noticed that their inventory just never seems to update or expand?

That can be a real drag when you have your eye on a product that you really want to buy. Not to mention, it forces the customer to look elsewhere for said product, which causes your business to LOSE business. This is why at USA Powersports, we make it a daily priority to add more and more motorcycles to our ever-growing inventory of used bikes, each and every day!

Just recently we were able to bolster our large selection of Harley-Davidson motorcyclessportster-2-332798-m by adding a 2009 Harley Davidson FXDL Dyna Low (2k miles) and a 2012 Harley Davidson XL 1200 Sportster 72 (20 miles) to our inventory as some of our latest vehicles.

You could ask a non-motorcycle enthusiast of pretty much any age to name a brand of motorcycle and the first one that would come to their mind would probably be Harley Davidson. They are that well known in the U.S. and have established that much of a lasting reputation. That’s why we are always looking to buy gently used Harley Davidsons, because they are in such high demand.

The Dyna and the Sportster are both highly-regarded models of the classic Harley Davidson brand, there’s no denying that. So whether you want to buy a motorcycle with some miles on it like our Dyna, maybe as a starter bike, or pay a little more for a bike that is almost brand new like our Sportster, we’ve got you covered at USA Powersports. Just inquire about one of our motorcycles and we’ll get back to you at the drop of a dime!

These Harley Davidson bikes are just two of the many motorcycles we’re welcoming into our store in Dundee, MI this month, along with many others that we’ve bought recently and many more to come this year! As always, we accept trade-ins for motorcycles if you don’t think you can pay for the bike completely out of pocket. Feel free to browse our new inventory and contact us today with any questions or concerns!

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Valentines Festitivies in Michigan

When February rolls around, we know what that means; it’s almost time to spend some quality time with your loved one, give them the affection they need, and show them how much you really care about them. Oh we’re not talking about your significant other – we’re talking about your motorcycle!

The 12th Annual Biker Valentine Chili Cook-Off is on the horizon, and is a great way to catch up with bikers from all over Michigan to discuss your love; motorcycles. Whether youhearts-718873-m battle the elements and ride your Cruiser on out, or you bring your bike only in spirit, you’ll want to head over to the Eagles Hall in Gaylord, Michigan on Saturday, February, 8 for a great motorcycle event in Michigan that has been running strong for twelve years. There will be food, drinks, tunes, and everything motorcycles!

$15 gets you in the door and gets you All You Can Eat, and if you bring your own chili $5 is deducted from that entry fee! The Sweet Charlie Band will be performing, and there will be live and silent auctions to participate in. Just make sure your chili is in the building by 6:30pm for judging. The chef of the first place chili will take $200 home. Second place will get $125 and third $75, so cook up your best batch and you could earn yourself some cash! You must be 21 years or older and the All You Can Eat includes beer & mixers (bring your own liquor). Eagles Hall is located at 515 S. Wisconsin Ave. Contact 989-732-3699 if you’d like more information and enjoy the Valentines festivities!

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Motorcycle Events to Monitor in Michigan

Just because it’s too cold out to ride doesn’t mean you can’t bridge the gap from winter until spring by taking part in motorcycle-related events all month long! Don’t let the snow and ice get you down; there is actually plenty to do throughout the Great Lakes State this winter with your bike, and it all leads up to the Giant Motorcycle Swap Meet on January 26 in Lansing!

On Friday, January 24 the Nuclear Cowboyz Freestyle Tour makes a stop in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This motocross tour is an arena-based, choreographed production that features incredible freestyle stunts and an enormous indoor pyrotechnics show! Then on Saturday, January 25 in Dimondale, Michigan, you’ll have the opportunity to eat great and give back during the Chili Cook-Off and Blood Drive at the Harley Davidson Capitol. There you can donate blood, and if you think your homemade chili is ready for the world you can bring it on over and enter your own recipe! There will be over 15 chilis for you to try and motorcycle-race-792162-mthe top three entries will win a prize.

After that it’s time to knock the dust off your bike and bring it out to the Lansing Center on East Michigan Ave. in Lansing for the Giant Motorcycle Swap Meet on Sunday, January 26! With over 70,000 square feet of everything motorcycles, the 12-4pm time period that the event runs through will fly by for motorcycle lovers! Meet with vendors from all over and sell or buy helmets, boots, saddle bags, parts like frames, fenders, and chrome pipes, and more! There will be show and starter bikes both on display and up for sale, so you can buy a bike if the price is right or sell your motorcycle! Tickets for adults are $9 and only $2 for children ages 6-12. Call 800-968-4242 for more information on this event.

If you feel like your bike has been cooped up for too long and you’ve got that itch to spend some quality time with it then it’s time to start circling your calendar. There are events going on all the time, you’ve just got to find the ones that are right for you!

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We Want to Work With Dealership Owners!

It’s time to stop worrying about the used motorcycles on your lot or whether or not you’ll ever sell them being a new or used car dealership owner. You may be finding it harder and harder to sell the motorcycles on your lot and we understand why. After all, who goes to a car dealership in search of a pre-owned motorcycle?

A great way to think outside the box when figuring out ways to sell the used motorcycles on your lot is to contact the professionals at USA Powersports. We have one of the largest inventories of gently used motorcycles in Michigan and we’re looking to expand upon it everyday! From Cruisers to Sport Bikes to Off Road Motorcycles, if you’ve got them, we’re interested in buying them.bikes-811547-m

We get that car dealerships are selling a lot more cars than they are bikes, especially during the winter months. So forget about finding new ways to promote motorcycles to your customers and work with us! We want to build strong relationships with dealership owners all over Michigan. It’s a win-win for both sides; car dealers get to move the unwanted motorcycles from their lot for fair value and we get to build up our inventory to sell to those who are actually in the market for a motorcycle!

Don’t hesitate to continue accepting trade-in motorcycles toward the price of a used car if you are a dealership owner, because we have your back at USA Powersports. You can lean on us to buy the motorcycles from your lot, no matter the make or model! Give us a call today, or sign up for our dealer network  if you’re a dealership owner so we can start helping each other out.  1-800-963-9216.

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Want an ATV? We’ll Trade You!

Depending on what it is you enjoy hunting, the season may have already begun for you, or will be beginning soon. Either way, many are looking to buy a high quality used ATV in Michigan to take out on the trails.

We want to make getting that gently used ATV easy for you with our outstanding trade in program. If you have an old motorcycle, boat, car, truck, or even a RV, we will trade it in and apply the trade in value to the purchase of a used ATV in our showroom! slide4

Right now we have an awesome inventory of late model, gently used ATVS. They include:

As with our inventory of used motorcycles, watercraft, or snowmobiles, all of our ATVs are superior quality, low mileage, and priced to sell. We have financing options available for everybody, regardless of their credit. So, bring your dusty old power sport vehicle down, and upgrade to a late model ATV! Be sure to check out our accessories to help enhance this years hunting experience!



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