ATV Are Great Fun Through The Winter

ATV Are Great Fun Through The Winter

If you are an avid hunter or year-round camper, one of the best ways to get around in the winter is an ATV. Snow-covered trails are no match for an ATV.  The winters can get pretty rough in the midwest and hiking in snow can get old fast.

When you are heading to your deer stand at 4 am during the hunting season can be a long cold walk. With your ATV it is a much more enjoyable trip to the stand. There are many brands and makers of ATVs of all types. Some of the top ATV companies are:

  • Honda
  • Polaris
  • Yamaha
  • Can-Am
  • Arctic Cat
  • Kawasaki
  • Suzuki
  • KTM

Looking To Sell Your ATV

Of course, you may need to sell your old ATV before investing in a new one. Your first question maybe is where can you sell your ATV. The first choice and the best choice is USA Powersports.  We are always looking to buy used ATVs from all the major brands.

At USA Powersports we are enthusiasts and riders of all types of Powersports vehicles.  In addition, we know the value of your vehicle and we will make fair offers for all the vehicles.  If you are looking to sell, your first step is to fill out our quote form.

Once we receive your submission, we will send you a fair quote for your vehicle. When the price is agreed upon, we will issue a check and arrange the pickup of the vehicle. It is just that simple.

ATVs Are In Demand

Throughout the south and the midwest, ATVS are always in high demand. From hunting to farming, these vehicles are always a useful and fun vehicle to own. Fill out our quote form today or give us a call at 1-800-963-9216 and get the money you want for your used ATV.

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Sell Your Crotch Rocket Fast

Sell Your Crotch Rocket Fast

The term Crotch Rocket has been around for quite a while. Do you ever wonder exactly what it meant? According to Collins English Dictionary, Crotch Rocket means: “A high-speed, high-performance motorcycle characterized by an aerodynamic body shape which requires or encourages the driver to lean forward.” In some cases, it can be taken as a slight or derogatory remark. Such as “That little crotch rocket is nowhere near as good as my Harley.” But over the years it has become the accepted term for a fast high-performance motorcycle.

We Buy Crotch Rockets

When it comes to crotch rockets there are some major brands everyone usually labels them as. One of those is the Kawasaki H2. Other brands include the Ducati 1299 Superleggera, the Suzuki Hayabusa, and the Yamaha YZF-R1. Of course, these are just a few of the crotch rockets everybody knows.

When it comes to speed you really cannot go wrong with this type of bike. The high-performance and close relationship with racing have always made a crotch rocket the top choice for all speed demons.  This type of bike has been around for quite a while all the way back to 1984 with the Kawasaki GPZ900R. When you have a need for speed, these bikes will deliver.

At USA Powersports, we are always looking to buy your used crotch rocket. These high-performance vehicles are always in high demand and we will buy yours!

Sell Your Motorcycle Fast

The whole selling process is very simple. First, fill out the quote form.  We will respond with a great offer, once accepted we will issue a check and arrange to pick up your bike. Just that simple!

Enjoy the best resource on the internet for selling your bike, USA Powersports. Get the fast cash you need by selling your crotch rocket today. You will be glad you did!

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Carvana Does Not Buy Motorcycles, But We Do!

Carvana Does Not Buy Motorcycles, But We Do!

Carvana does not buy used motorcycles but USA Powersports does all the time! We buy from all over Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Dealerships that sell cars and motorcycles rarely buy bikes.  But at USA Powersports we are always looking for used bikes.

We have been in the motorcycle buying business for decades, and know exactly what you deserve for your bike. In addition, we strive to give you the best offers on your bike.

Motorcycle Buying Online

One of the best parts of selling to us, is you do not even have to leave your house. Just fill out our quote form and we will respond with a great offer.  Once the offer is accepted, we will arrange to pick up the bike and issue you a check.

Other dealerships are looking to scam you and offer crazy low amounts for your bike and get you to sign for a new one. We are just looking to buy your bike and that is why we offer good money. While Carvana is a great site for car or truck-buying it really leaves motorcycle owners in the cold.

Lucky for you, USA Powersports is here to fill that missing gap. You may be also wondering what type of motorcycle do we buy?  The answer is simple, all of them. We buy cruisers, street bikes, crotch rockets, and any type you can think of. Also, we buy all the major brands, Honda, Suzuki, Harley-Davidson, and Kawasaki to name a few.

Give us a call today at 1-800-963-9216 or use our form right here, and get the cash you deserve for your motorcycle. Looking to sell your ATV or snowmobile? Well, you are in luck, we buy those as well. If it is a Powersport vehicle sell it to USA Powersports today!

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Ride Safe in Michigan

Ride Safe in Michigan

It seems more and more we hear about tragic motorcycle accidents in Michigan as well as many other states across the country. In 2012 Michigan changed their helmet law making it the riders choice whether to wear a helmet while operating a motorcycle. And since the law has taken effect more and more motorcyclist continue to ride without a helmet, even after the increase in motorcycle tragedies.

Of course, there are other areas to consider for safety such as riding gear, safety courses, and carrying a first aid kit.

Riding Safe Practices

Whether you think you are the best rider in the world or you are riding for the first time, always remember that motorcycle accident are not always the rider’s fault. Often times car or truck drivers will not see a motorcyclist, whether it be because of a blind-spot or failure to pay attention. Regardless of who’s at fault, not wearing a helmet as a cyclist can make a difference between life or death.

A lot of modern bikes now have a bunch of safety features including turn signals.  Using a turn signal is always highly recommended but the age-old classic of hand signals help as well.

For a left turn extend your left arm straight out before making the turn. For a right turn, bend your left arm upward or put your right arm straight out. To signal for a stop bend your left arm downwards toward the ground.  Using these hand signals can help let other drivers know about your intention on the road.

As a fellow motorcyclist, I don’t say these things to scare you, but to stress the importance of riding safe in Michigan. Always be sure to be insured and wear a helmet! If you are looking to trade in or sell your current motorcycle contact us today for your best offer!

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Cash For A Motorcycle This Summer!

Motorcycle lovers start to get that itch this time of year. The weather gets nicer, the sun comes out, and you get the urge to bust out your motorcycle and hit the pavement! If you’re in between bikes right now or are looking to upgrade then this can create a bit of a conundrum. But if you have a vehicle just aging in your garage or backyard, the solution might be right under your nose.

Cash For A Used Motorcycle

It is very easy to get cash for a motorcycle or ATV through our convenient quote form. Also, we want motorcycle owners or aspiring motorcycle owners to know that. If you’reCash For A Motorcycle This Summer! sitting on an old ATV, motorcycle, boat, RV, or Jet Ski that you’d like to sell it for the cash you deserve then contact us now!

By jumping on the opportunity now in the early stages of summer, you could get cash for any of the aforementioned vehicles you have and apply the trade-in value toward the purchase of a great new bike.

That way you can ride in Michigan all summer long. Skip the steps of selling a used ATV, motorcycle, or watercraft to a dealer. Get it all done in one smooth, easy transaction so you can buy the bike of your dreams. In addition, we are always interested but not limited to these bikes:

  • 2012 Harley Davidson XL 1200 Sportster 72
  • 2010 Harley Davidson XL883 Black
  • 2010 Harley Davidson XL883 Silver
  • 2009 Harley Davison FLHX Street Glide
  • 2007 Honda CBR600RR
  • 2007 Big Dog K-9

Sell Your Motorcycle This Summer

It’s not officially summer for the motorcycle junkies out there until they can bypass their car and take their motorcycle out on the road again! Sell your old, unwanted vehicles and get closer to making that happen today. Contact us or get a quote now!

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