We Buy Boats!

We Buy Boats!

Michigan Summers on the Lakes

Summer is almost here, and here in Michigan we are more than a little excited to get our boats back out on the lakes. Summer in Michigan is best spent on one of the thousands of lakes and beaches we have in our state. Whether you’re on one of the Great Lakes, Gun lake, Torch Lake, or one of the other thousands of inland lakes, you’re doing it right. Fishing, swimming, cruising, and spending your time outside on the water is what makes a Michigan summer. Before all that though…. Is the dreaded de-winterizing process.

Getting your boat out of the winter hibernation is a real task, and can show the wear and tear boats can endure during the winter. Between potential mistakes in the winterization process, the crazy weather we’ve been having, and the regular wear and tear, you just never know how getting your boat out in the spring is going to go. If the worst happens though and your boat is out of commission, what are you going to do?

Forking out money for a boat that is on it’s way out of the marina is just bad business. You should be focused on the next and best thing, and what you need in a boat. Whether it’s the newest bells and whistles for your bass boat, or what engine you need for you speed boat, you’ll need cash to make it happen.

But where to get the money for a new boat? We can help! We are on a boat buying frenzy right now and are looking to increase our stock for the beginning of the season. We want to buy any and all types of boats off you and will pay cash for them.

Our quote process is free and requires no commitment. Click here to get your free quote.

What do you have to lose? Only a Michigan boating filled summer. Get your quote today!

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Powersports Dealers Michigan

Powersports Dealer Michigan

The term powersports has been around for quite awhile now. One might ask what exactly is a powersport? The number one feature of any powersports is it has to use a engine, usually uses handle bars and the rider is usually mounted on the outside of the vehicle exposed to the elements, vehicles of this nature are usually motorcycles, ATVs and watercraft. Powersport vehicles are the most common vehicle of the X-games.

Powersport events are hosted in Michigan all year long from off road racing to snowmobile racing you can always find a fun event to attend or participate in. Some of the most popular brands of powersports vehicles are:

  • Honda
  • Yamaha
  • Kawasaki
  • Suzuki
  • Star

Each one of these brands have an extensive line up vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs and watercraft. When searching to buy a new vehicle in Michigan, look no further than USA Powersports.

Where to Buy Powersports Vehicles in Michigan

USA Powersports is one of the premiere powersport dealers in Michigan. At USA Powersports their mission is to find the right vehicle for you to enjoy your outdoor recreation. USA Powersports has a dedicated staff with extensive experience in all types of vehicles and the staff are powersports enthusiasts themselves.

Our customer service is second to none, and we are always willing and able to answer any questions you might have. We receive new inventory every day and if you do not find what you are looking for let us know and we can find it for you!

USA Powersports is located at 127 Barnum St, Dundee, MI 48131. We are always happy to help you find the right vehicle or accessory for you, you will find that no other dealer in Michigan, takes the time and care towards their customers as USA Powersports does. Visit us today or give us a call at 1-800-963-9216 and see what we can do for you!

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Choosing the Right Motorcycle

Choosing the Right Motorcycle for Your Riding Habits

It may not feel like it yet, but spring is right around the corner. As the weather begins to warm up, motorcycle enthusiasts in Michigan and Ohio are searching for affordable used motorcycles for sale. Some motorcycle buyers have a specific make or model in mind already, while others are still researching what type of motorcycle or sport bike is best for their needs. It is important to look at your riding habits before purchasing a motorcycle to ensure that you are getting the best bike for you.Get free quote to sell motorcycle

If long rides are your thing, a touring motorcycle may be in your best interest. Touring model motorcycles such as a Honda Goldwing or Harley Davidson Road Glide offer features that will make your long ride more comfortable. Some of these features may include but not limited to:

  • Cruise control
  • Back rest
  • Surround sound
  • Heated seat


Traveling across state lines or taking long trips isn’t for everyone. Some motorcycle riders enjoy the sporty, high speed bikes to ride locally or shorter distances. If this sounds like you, you may be looking for a used Ducati sport bike or used Kawasaki crotch rocket. There are a variety of used sport bike or crotch rocket models available in Michigan or Ohio.


When purchasing a used motorcycle, sport bike, or crotch rocket, don’t assume you have to settle for less. You can still find a used motorcycle that has some if not all of the bells and whistles that you are searching for. Take a moment to view the current list or submit a vehicle request form to let us know exactly what it is you are searching for.


Buying out of the Michigan/Ohio area? Learn about motorcycle shipping!

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Snowmobile Events 2016

Getting out in 2016

It’s finally time! Michigan is finally seeing snow in the state, which means it’s time to bust out the old sled and get it running! If you want to get out of the house and maybe make some more sled head friends, we’ve found the events that you might be interested in!

But first, how is your old sled? Has it seen better days? If you want to be able to keep up with the pack, you have to make sure your sled can cut it. Here at USApowersportsMi we can help you. We’ll buy your old sled off you for cold hard cash you can put into another sled, or fix up any other sled as well. Just fill out our free online form here to get your quote today! It’s easy, quick, and requires zero commitment.

Click here for our free online quote! 

February 1st- 6th Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan

International 500 Snowmobile Race 2016

If you’ve always dreamed of putting those cocky Canadians in their place, this is the event to do it! The International 500 Snowmobile Race is your chance to try your luck against some of the best. Said to be the best snowmobile endurance race in world, you’ll be put up against thousands of racers from all over. As it’s site says  “I-500 is the world’s longest, fastest, toughest, and most-exciting oval race event.” so why miss out?   This event is located in the U.P., but the drive will be worth it for the quality of the snow and track. This event has things going on every day Monday – Saturday


Great Lakes Antique Snowmobile Series

February – March, Michigan

Great Lakes Antique Snowmobile Series (G.L.A.S.S) has many events and races planned for the 2016 season. As you can see from their poster, they like to race and ride! This group of sled enthusiasts race freqently in the winter months in the upper part of the Lower Peninsula and into the Upper Peninsula as well! These guys know what they’re doing, so make sure you look at their registration requirements! Whats great about this group is they offer cash rewards for the winners of each class


Deford and Sebewaing

February, Deford and Sebewaing, MI 

Races happen every Saturday at their specified locations (as seen on the flyer to the left). 36 classes of races, youth class, food vendors, and no early registration times on the days of the race. Sleep off Friday nights debauchery, then get out and enjoy racing your sled Saturday night! Registration happens between 12 noon – 3:30 PM

Races start at 5:00 pm.


3rd Annual Snowmobile RacesFebruary 13th , Gladwin, Michigan

3rd Annual Snowmobile Races, Swap meet, Youth and Junior racing classes,

Come together with your Sled crew and come test out your vintage snowmobile against the rest. Registration is $25 for Adults and $10 for Youth and Junior class, $5 General Admission.





11th Annual Antique Snowmobile “Run for Fun” February 18-20, Cooper Harbor, Michigan (About 45 miles northeast of Houghton/Hancock)

11th Annual Antique Snowmobile “Run for Fun” List of events include:
Thursday: Ironman Ride – Copper Harbor to Eagle Harbor circuit

Friday: Ride and Social – Bonfire at Dusk

Saturday: Sled Registration, Shows for the crew, the main event (Run for Fun) and a cookout when every thing is said and done! 

If you want to have a fun time in snow with you and your crew, then look no further! The 11th annual Run for Fun is just that, FUN!


Saint Charles, Michigan

February 27th

Saint Charles, Michigan

If you can’t get enough racing for a good cause then hop on your sled and go Race with the Saints!

Sign up is at 7:30 am

Race starts 11:00 am


So get out there and enjoy the winter! Spring is right around the corner, so get out and ride! Remember, if you need someone to sell your old sled to, we here at USApowersportsMI can help!

Click here to check out our free online form! 

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Near Wholesale Pricing for Michigan Autoworkers

Are you a Michigan autoworker who has just received or are still receiving your contract signing bonus check? Now is the time to save big on the purchase of a new or used motorcycle or ATV in Michigan!

We take pride in serving Michigan autoworkers during the holiday season. Whether you are purchasing an ATV or motorcycle for yourself, or plan on buying a motorcycle or ATV for a loved one as a gift, let us help! We will ensure that you get your dream bike or ATV without the hassle at near wholesale prices.

We carry all brands! Some of our hottest brands of 2015 are:

Contact us today to see if we have your dream ATV or motorcycle in stock.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the most out of your bonus check by purchasing yourself a new toy. With our mild winter in Michigan, you can purchase a motorcycle today and still have time to ride! Or, you can purchase an ATV and hit the trails all year long!

Already the owner of a motorcycle or ATV in Michigan? With our outstanding trade-in program and a portion of your signing bonus, you can upgrade your ride today!

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ATVs and Hunting In Michigan

Benefits Of Using an ATV to Hunt

It’s almost here. Opening day for Deer season in Michigan is rapidly approaching and we here at USAPowerSportsMI.com want to make sure your ready to go out there and bag yourself a buck. One way to get ready for the hunt is to ask yourself: Are you sick of hiking the long distances with all your gear strapped to your back? You mATVs and Hunting In Michiganay not be a “Young Buck” any more and those treks might be taking it out on your old bones. If you’ve ever thought about those facts, or are just sick of lugging all your gear around to your blind, maybe it’s time to look into getting an ATV.

Atv’s were made to take on that rough terrain that any hunter may not want to walk through and a truck can’t get to. You’re already roughing it, so why make it harder on yourself? ATV’s were made for any terrain, (that’s why they are called All Terrain Vehicles, get it?) and can be accessorized to suit your hunting needs. Gun holders, storage add ons, and with the capacity for towing, the possibilities are endless.  

Make sure when looking into an ATV that you’ve identified what you biggest needs are, and what you’ll be using it for. You might be dealing with things like rough terrain, storage space, and what you will be hauling back. Each ATV brings something to the plate, and any extra time you spend figuring out what you need the better off you’ll be.  

Remember, if you ever want to buy an ATV or sell your old ATV we can help with that. We have a free online quote system that can get you a price for your old ATV quick and easy. We give you the quote, you decide if you want it, and then we take care of the rest. Quick and easy, just like we said.

So get ready Michigan! We know you’ve been waiting all year for this, so get out there and happy hunting!


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Scary Activities in Michigan!

Best Halloween Activity in Eastern Michigan! Night Terrors Haunted House

Happy October everyone! October means a few things, mostly centered around Halloween! If you want a way to celebrate the Holiday on your bike in style, we have a fun event for you! Every October 31 Michigan comes alive with fun activities for the festive holiday, and why should the motorcycle fan be left out? There are some fun times that a motorcyclist can enjoy in the greater Ann Arbor area!

Speaking of a ride, if you need to make some cash fast, we can help.

We buy old bikes from people every day all over the country. How you ask? By making the process simple and easy on you. Simply fill out our online form here and get your free quote today! On to the fun!

Night Terrors Haunted House If you’re looking for a fun time that is equally as scary check out the Night Terror, the 6 in 1 jamboree for all ages. We highly recommend checking this one stop shop for fun! Located in Ypsilanti township this attraction is one for the record books. Live action paintball, several haunted locations, “scareyoke”, and hayride of the lost. If you’re looking for multiple thrills, look no further!

This event is going on every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 7:15 pm – 11 pm. We highly recommend taking the scenic route there so you can enjoy all the views Michigan has to offer in the fall.


Wiard’s Haunted House (Night Terrors)

5565 Merritt Road

Ypsilanti Township, MI


Click here for more info!
Have a fun time and remember us when you need to get rid of your old bike!

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ATV Trade In Time

We Want Your ATV Trade In

Do you have an ATV that you don’t want? Then, trade your ATV in for your dream motorcycle. Selling your ATV trade in ATV trade-in to USA Powersports is as easy as 1-2-3! Follow the steps below.

1- Submit our quick and easy Trade In Form.

2-View our newest motorcycle inventory list and select a motorcycle that you like.

3- Contact Us with your selection and you will be riding off our lot with a bike you love ASAP!

 USA Powersports is conveniently located in Dundee, Michigan but we buy and sell bikes all across the USA. We have purchased hundreds of bikes, ATVs, and watercraft vehicles. Don’t delay! Start the trade-in process today!


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Sell Us Your Boat or Watercraft

July is half way over and so is the summer! Most people are already starting to think about storing your boat in Michigan for the winter months. Winterizing your boat can be very expensive and it may not be worth it if your boat is on its last leg. Storing your boat incorrectly can cause damages to your boat that are expensive to repair.

Don’t put off selling your watercraft until next summer! Each day your watercraft depreciates and you can get the most money for your watercraft right now! This makes July 2015 the perfect time to sell your watercraft.

Sell Your Watercraft or Sell Your Boat

Our partners at Sell Us Your Boat are on a boat buying frenzy this summer buying all of the boats that you want to get rid of! Sell Us Your Boat is looking for boats that are all purpose fishing boats, center consoles, or walk arounds. Don’t delay fill out our quote forms below.

Sell My Watercraft imageSelling My Boat image


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Trading in your Motorcycle

What To Do With That Old Bike

Some times bike collect dust, turn that bike into cold hard cash today!

Some times bike collect dust, turn that bike into cold hard cash today!

Do you have a bike that is collecting dust on your property or in your garage? Are you wanting or needing an upgrade to your current riding situation? We know that riders outgrow their motorcycles, riding styles change, personal needs change, and sometimes you just don’t like the old bike you had for whatever reason. You may have loved your old bike, but you feel like it might be time to let go and move on.

Parting can be such sweet sorrow, but here at USA Powersports we want to help ease that pain. What could could help heal the wounds better than cash or a new bike? We like to give you the option of taking cash for that bike, or rolling the value of it into a new bike.

So what’s the next step? Getting a quote for your bike! We’ve created a free, quick and easy form for you to fill out so you can get an idea of how much you can get for your bike. Tell us alls the mods you’ve made, and parts you’ve added to it and we will give you cash for that bike.

We have connections all over the US and have a large supply of new and used bikes from all over the country. If you have a specific make or model you are looking for tell us and we’ll hook it up! We’ve been in this business long enough to know that people don’t want to be hassled with a lengthy complicated process. So contact us today and get your free quote on your used bike today!

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How To Determine the Value Of My Motorcycle

Need a little of extra cash? Thinking of selling your old bike you don’t ride any more? Selling an old or used motorcycle is great way to make some quick cash, and make some space in your garage. Where to start though? If you’ve never bought a used motorcycle or have no idea on how to assess the value of it, read on. No matter if you’re selling a Honda Shadow vt 750, or a BMW S1000RR this article can help you determine its value.

Let us help you determine the value of your bike. Click here to see our free quote form.

First off people tend to want more for their bike because of sentimental attachment. We understand, you’ve spent time and money on your bike and therefore put a higher value on it. But you have to realize that even though you spent hours fixing and modding you bike it doesn’t mean that a dealer’s price will reflect that. If you need some basic help on what dealers look for in assessing your bike check out this article here.

One place to start is to look at the Kelley Blue Book value of the bike. These guys will give you base line value of what you can get for your make/model, but can’t account for things such as the wear and tear or any mods or replacements you may have made. Most dealers will go to this source to start when quoting for bikes.

Next we would recommend taking the bike to your friendly neighborhood mechanic and having them look the bike over. They will be able to not only help you assess any repairs you may need, but can also give you some advice on what you can do to increase your bikes value. They will be one of the best resources to you so you can increase the payback on your bike.

Another way to get a good idea of how much you bike is worth is to drop us a line and we can chat about what you bike could be worth. We will take care and time to properly assess your bike and the work that went into it. We want to make sure you’re satisfied with the price, and will talk with you about what you’ve done to your bike. So if you’re selling or looking to sell, click here for a free quote

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Ohio Bike Week 2015

May 29th through June 7th is the Midwest Largest Motorcycle Rally, Ohio Bike Week. Tickets for the event are on sale now you can buy them here. Prices range from $10 to $35 a person. There will be a number of bands performing at the bike week such as Cinderella, Puddle of Mudd, Saving Abel, Jackyl and Buck Cherry.

There are a wide variety of hotels in the area, but it is highly suggested to book now, so you do not miss out on a room. Of course, if camping is more your thing that is available as well, you can call 567-400-0568 to reserve a camping site, reservations start June 2nd.

There is a huge number of events planned for this week, make sure to check out the event section for details. Enjoy the Ohio Bike Week, there are tons of events, people, food and good times to be had by all.

Of course if you are looking to buy a new bike to take to the Ohio Bike Week Event, look no further than USA Powerports MI, give us a call today at 1-800-963-9216 and we can help you find a affordable motorcycle that you will love. Not buying, but want to sell your motorcycle, well at USA Powersports MI we buy all types of used motorcycles and powersports vehicles as well, so give us a call today!


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Join the 2015 Daytona Bike Week Fun!

Are you missing Bike Week at Daytona Beach and want to get in on the action? Just because you are in Dundee, Michigan doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the Florida fun! There are currently two ways to get in the 2015 Daytona Beach Bike Week action.

1) Watch it LIVE on Youtube!

2) Get in on the action.

You don’t have to be there to win the official 2015 Bike Week motorcycle. The drawing is going to be held on March 14, 2015 at noon. The best part is that you don’t have to present to win any of the prizes. The prizes include a Budweiser Biker Leather Jacket, a Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort stay, 5 Year Subscription to American Iron Magazine, and a $100 Gift Certificate to Hot Leathers. The grand prize is a 2014 Harley-Davidson Street Glide!

Learn more about the raffle here! Looking for your own 2014 Harley-Davidson Street Glide? You can request this vehicle here.

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Your Used Bike Dealership

Attention motorcycle lovers! USA Powersports has relocated to 127 Barnum St in Dundee, MI 48131. We are glad to still be in the area with the wonderful people of Dundee. Our Pre-Owned Bike Warehouse features the best used motorcycles from all over the United States.

Swing by to say hi or set up an appointment to view our new pre-owned auction in Michiganmotorcycle warehouse! If you don’t see anything that you like, we also have a vehicle request option. USA Powersports allow you to request a used bike you would like! We have offer many options. Come see which one fits you best.

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New Warehouse Great Deals On Pre-Auction Motorcycles

Our friends at Sell Us Your Bike are riding hard, searching for used motorcylces to buy from people who want to sell their motorcycle, fast. These used motorcycles come back to our new Pre-Auction Bike Warehouse where motorcycle buyers will get great deals on bikes from people who sell their motorcycles around the United States for cash.

After we buy them we are giving you the opportunity to take a look in our new Motorcycle Warehouse before we ship them to National Powersports Auction in one of the other 5 major states we buy from;

  • California
  • Texas
  • Ohio
  • Georgia


We are moving to another location in Dundee Michigan! Our bike buyers are buying used motorcycles and other powersports around the United States, offering you the opportunity to get first dibs! Visit us at 127 Barnum or CONTACT US to get our current motorcycle inventory info.

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