Preparing to Ride Off-Road

Riding an off road motorcycle requires a lot of bike, body, riding and mental preparation. Before riding a dirt bike, you will want to ensure that it is clean and check to see if the nuts and bolts are in the right place so that it’s safe to ride. As far as your body preparation, you have to make sure you do enough cardio, strength, and flexibility training to help you maintain balance and stability while riding your bike. Being flexible also allows you to decrease injury rates. When preparing to ride your off-road motorcycle, learn the basics (i.e. speed and riding skills) so that you can become more familiar with the bike and the road…well the trails. Focus on your weaknesses more so than your strengths…this will help you become a better rider. Being confident and open minded prior to riding your off-road motorcycles helps you mentally because it keeps your mind centered on the road.

Being protected with the right gear is the number one priority when riding any type of motorcycle whether a cruiser, sport bike, dirt bike, or crotch rocket. USA Powersports even more so encourages you to wear helmets, goggles, body armor, gloves, and boots while riding an off-road motorcycle as the terrain is much more to handle than a paved road.

If you are interested in purchasing or financing an off-road motorcycle, contact us today! We promise to give you our best performance.


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