City-Based Riding of Power Sports Vehicles

City-Based Riding of Power Sports Vehicles

Power Sports vehicles are extremely popular in Michigan throughout Detroit, Lansing, and all the way up north in Traverse City. Everyone is used to seeing motorcycles and dirt bikes on the city streets. However, it is not uncommon to see off-road vehicles such as UTVs, scooters, and electric bikes on the road as well. But which power sports vehicles can you be expected to see around town?

Popular Vehicles To See In The City


Scooters have become more popular in recent years due to their affordability, maneuverability in congested areas, and eco-friendly nature. Most scooters nowadays are electric which are much more environmentally-friendly than their gas-powered counterparts. Electric scooters help to reduce greenhouse emissions and also reduce overall fuel usage. Furthermore, scooters are much less expensive than motorcycles or other powersports vehicles. If you are looking for an affordable power sports vehicle to maneuver through city traffic, look no further than the scooter. 

Electric Bikes

Similarly to electric scooters, electric bikes are also gaining popularity on city streets. E-bikes allow riders to avoid heavy traffic while also getting some good exercise in. Moreover, electric bikes are one of the more inexpensive powersport vehicles to choose. Whether you are in Ann Arbor or Marquette, you can’t go wrong with an e-bike in Michigan. 


Michigan is one of the few states that allow UTVs to become street legal. As such, it’s not uncommon to see a street-legal UTV, especially in more rural areas and cities up north. Unlike all-terrain vehicles that are used for off-road fun, utility task vehicles are often used for work and other purposes. Due to their varied applications, UTVs can be seen both on and off-road in equal measure in some parts of Michigan. 

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