Michigan Motorcycle Buyers

Michigan Motorcycle Buyers

Well, unfortunately, that dirty little groundhog in Pennsylvania told us there will be six more weeks of winter. Not much of a shocker there has it ever predicted otherwise? Why is it a groundhog? Couldn’t it be a squirrel or a raccoon? Regardless of the animal winter is here to stay for a couple months anyways.

This means that if you live in the north in states like Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and others, that there are very limited chances to ride your motorcycle. Are you looking to buy a new bike this spring? Do you have an old motorcycle sitting around that you do not want anymore?

Sell Your Bike To USA Powersports

If you were to sell your bike and then use your tax return you can have a nice chunk of change to go towards your new bike. But the first step is to sell your current bike. Here at USA Powersports, we are able to help you with that. What you may or may not know is we buy used motorcycles and powersports vehicles from all over Michigan and the north midwest region.

The whole process is pretty simple, just fill out our form, and we will respond with a fair offer for your used vehicle. Once the price is agreed upon, we will arrange to pick up of the vehicle and issue you a check. Just that simple!

You may be wondering what part of Michigan do we service? We buy from all over Michigan, from Traverse City to Monroe we will buy your bike! In addition, we also buy from the surrounding states as well. Why bother selling on your own, when all you have to do is take five minutes and fill out a form, how easy!

Buy your new bike this spring with the money you make from us by selling your old bike. Contact us today at 1-800-963-9216 or fill out our form and get the cash you deserve for your used vehicle!


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