Ride Safe in Michigan

Ride Safe in Michigan

It seems more and more we hear about tragic motorcycle accidents in Michigan as well as many other states across the country. In 2012 Michigan changed their helmet law making it the riders choice whether to wear a helmet while operating a motorcycle. And since the law has taken effect more and more motorcyclist continue to ride without a helmet, even after the increase in motorcycle tragedies.

Of course, there are other areas to consider for safety such as riding gear, safety courses, and carrying a first aid kit.

Riding Safe Practices

Whether you think you are the best rider in the world or you are riding for the first time, always remember that motorcycle accident are not always the rider’s fault. Often times car or truck drivers will not see a motorcyclist, whether it be because of a blind-spot or failure to pay attention. Regardless of who’s at fault, not wearing a helmet as a cyclist can make a difference between life or death.

A lot of modern bikes now have a bunch of safety features including turn signals.  Using a turn signal is always highly recommended but the age-old classic of hand signals help as well.

For a left turn extend your left arm straight out before making the turn. For a right turn, bend your left arm upward or put your right arm straight out. To signal for a stop bend your left arm downwards toward the ground.  Using these hand signals can help let other drivers know about your intention on the road.

As a fellow motorcyclist, I don’t say these things to scare you, but to stress the importance of riding safe in Michigan. Always be sure to be insured and wear a helmet! If you are looking to trade in or sell your current motorcycle contact us today for your best offer!

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