Winterizing Your Motorcycle

Cleaning and Storage of Your Motorcycle for Winter

Bikes in winter

Don’t let your bike wear down because of weather. Winterize your bike this Fall.

Winter is almost here in Eastern Michigan, and it’s time to start thinking about getting the old motorcycle into storage. If you’ve never winterized a motorcycle the task can be overwhelming. You might be asking yourself “How do I winterize my motorcycle, and where do I start?”

Well, the first place to start is by cleaning and detailing your bike. You’ll need soap, degreaser, bug and tar remover, metal polish, brushes of all sizes, micro fiber rags, and other cleaning materials. Make sure your bike is cooled down, the last thing you want to do is spray cold water on a hot engine.

Go over every area with the proper cleaning material and make sure that any debris, grime, and grease are taken care of, the more detail you put into it now the less you have to worry about it in the spring. Finish it off with a good wax coat, and WD40 the chain.

Next step is more motorcycle maintenance than cleaning. First, you will want to change the oil and put a new oil filter on your bike. If your oil sits for long enough it will acidify and can corrode your engine.

After this, you’ll want to add a fuel stabilizer to your filled gas tank and run the bike so the fuel/Stabilizer reach your carburetor. Drain it once you’re done. If you have a carburetor, drain your float bowls.

Next, you’ll want to lube things such as your suspension, stationary tubes on the front forks, and other high use pivoting points.

Check your antifreeze. Make sure it’s at the level it needs to be at and if necessary fill it.

Finally, you’ll want to remove the battery, spark plugs, and make sure your bike is in a safe space that won’t be exposed to the elements.

Need to store your motorcycle somewhere secure?

If you need a safe and secure place to store your motorcycle over the winter? We have one in the Metro Detroit area. May we suggest Men on the Move storage for you winter motorcycle storage? They are able to house motorcycles over the winter in their secure, affordable, climate controlled warehouse. Contact them for more details

If all of this is too much for you, or you can’t afford the storage and winterization fees, you might have to consider selling your motorcycle. If this is the only route that you are able to take, let us help you. We’re in the business of buying used bikes off of people in situations like this. We’ve been in business long enough to know how to make the process easy and simple for you. All you have to do is go to our free online form and tell us all about your hog, and we’ll come back with a quote. It’s that easy. No credit card info needed, down payment required, or contract signed.

We like to keep our business as user friendly as possible, which is why we do what we do. Contact us today for your free quote

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