We Buy Boats!

We Buy Boats!

Michigan Summers on the Lakes

Summer is almost here, and here in Michigan we are more than a little excited to get our boats back out on the lakes. Summer in Michigan is best spent on one of the thousands of lakes and beaches we have in our state. Whether you’re on one of the Great Lakes, Gun lake, Torch Lake, or one of the other thousands of inland lakes, you’re doing it right. Fishing, swimming, cruising, and spending your time outside on the water is what makes a Michigan summer. Before all that though…. Is the dreaded de-winterizing process.

Getting your boat out of the winter hibernation is a real task, and can show the wear and tear boats can endure during the winter. Between potential mistakes in the winterization process, the crazy weather we’ve been having, and the regular wear and tear, you just never know how getting your boat out in the spring is going to go. If the worst happens though and your boat is out of commission, what are you going to do?

Forking out money for a boat that is on it’s way out of the marina is just bad business. You should be focused on the next and best thing, and what you need in a boat. Whether it’s the newest bells and whistles for your bass boat, or what engine you need for you speed boat, you’ll need cash to make it happen.

But where to get the money for a new boat? We can help! We are on a boat buying frenzy right now and are looking to increase our stock for the beginning of the season. We want to buy any and all types of boats off you and will pay cash for them.

Our quote process is free and requires no commitment. Click here to get your free quote.

What do you have to lose? Only a Michigan boating filled summer. Get your quote today!

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