Best Fall Color Routes in the Midwest

It’s that time of year again! That time where the weather cools off, the leaves start turning colors, and motorcycle rides are at their prime. Getting out on your motorcycle before you have to store it is every true motorcycle enthusiasts highest priority this time of year, so we picked out a few awesome fall motorcycle routes in the Midwest. There are countless amazing routes around the Midwest, and everyone has their preference, so let us know what you think!

Fall colors for a motorcycle ride

Getting your fall motorcycle route is important, so let us help!

Ohio, Indiana, Illinois

Ohio River Scenic Byway
This stretch of scenic road is located in Southern Ohio, Southern Indiana, and Southern Illinois. It’s a stretch of over 300 miles of beautiful riverside cruising. Lots of colors and beautiful sights to see. We recommend making a stop at Liberty Hill to enjoy the view of the Ohio River and the elevation changes of Kentucky.

Tunnel of Trees M-19
In Northern Michigan, few can argue that M-119 better known as the tunnel of trees is the best place to ride for fall colors in Michigan. This trek starts off in Harbor Springs North of Petoskey and winds around North Western Michigan for 110 miles. Plenty of colors, curves, and stops for you to enjoy.

Dodgeville to Spring Green Color Tour
To get to this beautiful color tour you’ll have to hop on Hwy 23 in Dodgeville up to Spring Green. This 18-mile trek is filled with colors and sights along Wisconsin’s driftless area. You’ll be able to see beautiful landscapes, local attractions, and plenty of colors. Very beautiful for a late Wisconsin motorcycle color tour.

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