What Makes a Dirt Bike Different?

If you enjoy riding nature’s rough terrain, kicking up mud, and taking on incredible hills, dirt bike riding is perfect for you! Off- Road motorcycles, or dirt bikes are specially designed to handle extreme terrain conditions in any weather.

In order for a dirt bike to be able to handle adverse conditions, it needs to have a special design that differentiates it from that of a cruiser or a sport bike. Although they do have similar components, there are certain features a dirt bike must have to be able to handle rough terrain. Regardless if it is a Kawasaki dirt bike, Suzuki dirt bike, or even a KTM dirt bike, it is built with focus on agility and a lightweight structure.

Dirt bike engines are built under 500cc in either a two-stroke engine or a four stroke dirt bike engine. What is the difference? A two-stroke engine is smaller requiring a mixture of oil and gas, whereas a four-stroke engine will recycle oil similar to that of a car or cruiser. Although the engine size plays a large roll in the weight and agility of all dirt bikes, there are other features that play a larger part in a dirt bike riders ability to handle a dirt bike in all terrains. Suspensions within off road dirt bikes consist more forks and are stiffter than that of regular street bikes.

Understanding the structure of a dirt bike can help your riding. Know what makes up the bike, and what it is for can allow you to enhance your riding by allowing you to utilize certain feature on your bike that others may not know how to utilize. So, get out and improve your riding!


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