Motorcycle Techniques

If you are an experienced motorcycle rider, you probably already know to check your tire pressure, signal lights, and oil levels before every ride. You may think that your riding abilities are great but if you haven’t rode all season long, your skills can soon become rusty. Every rider, new or old, needs a warm up or a work out to keep you fully aware and prepared for the road that lies before you. With preparation comes techniques. Following the two skills below will not only boost your confidence level but will be refreshing as well.

  1. At a friction zone, slow your speed down. This is usually used when turning around in parking lots, in city traffic, and on a highway to change direction. Your rear brake is applied to create a drag which then increases the stability of the motorcycle. Throttle at a constant level to create power then clutch the controls delivery of power to the rear wheel. Be sure that your upper body is relaxed amotorcycle-stunter-tyre-burnout-1301095-mnd that you don’t use the front brake while doing this.
  2. The sharp right turn technique is a challenge because you’re required to turn sharply in a smaller area such as a right lane. You have to be in control of your bike because this technique can throw you to the outside of your turn if you don’t avoid the power of your motorcycle. Make sure you manage your throttle to keep it smooth and aim for a 90 degree angle when turning. Extend your right elbow far away from your body to avoid elbow cramping and allow more space for you to maneuver your turn. After you turn, release the throttle completely and put your fingers back on the handlebar fully to grip. Position your feet back from the levers on the balls of your feet. Continue to practice this technique until perfected.

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