Buy a Used Motorcycle or Sport Bike!

When the weather finally gives a little, don’t you want to make your 2014 riding debut in grand fashion, on the gently used motorcycle or sport bike you have been courting for awhile now? You’ve probably thought “I want to buy a motorcycle in Michigan,” but just haven’t pulled the trigger on a purchase because the timing doesn’t seem right. But we advise you to look at it from a different angle!

Sure the conditions in Michigan and the rest of the Tri-state area aren’t exactly conducive to motorcycle riding, but it won’t be that way forever! If you have been waiting for the time to pounce on a used Harley-Davidson Cruiser or Suzuki sport bike in Michigan or Ohio then now is time to buy your preowned motorcycle. That way you can take it out for a spin on the first nice day of the year!

USA Powersports sells sport bikes or motorcycles of all brands, models, or even years, as we have gently used motorcycles in stock from as far back as 1996. And if bad credit or no credit at all is holding you back from buying a used motorcycle or sport bike in Michigan then don’t sweat it! We have financing options available to get you on the bike of your dreams before the first flower blooms this spring.

Ohio motorcycle buyers, we don’t want you to be left out in the cold! It takes only an hour or so for some Ohio residents to make it up to our Dundee, Michigan location but for those that would rather not hit the road and come pay us a visit in person, Power Sports Shipping can help get your used motorcycle or sport bike from Michigan down to your place in Ohio, quickly and easily.

This less-than-stellar weather is bound to break sooner or later, and when it does, don’t you want to bust your bike out the first chance you get? USA Powersports can help you do just that, so contact us today! 1-800-963-9216.

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