Awesome ATV Trails In Michigan

Great Places To Ride Your ATV! 

Every star is a different ATV trail

Every star is a different ATV trail

Michigan seems to have it all. The great lakes, the great outdoor, and great ATV trails. The Northern part of the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula are filled with great trails and places to ride. Here are a few we found:

Baldwin Trails (Baldwin Michigan)

This Trail system is 65 miles of nothing but fun fast trails, so new riders steer clear! Lots of turns, twists, ups, and downs for more riders who like variety and a challenge.

Bull Gap (Near Mio, Michigan)

This trail system was recommended by a few other people in the forums as a great place to ride. This 115 mile trail system has some of the biggest hills in Michigan and with a huge sand hill to boot! The locals are nice, and you can ride your ATV right into town and get yourself gas, food, and a hotel for the night.

Silver Lake (near Mears, Michigan)

Big hills, sand dunes, steep climbs, all with views of Silver Lake and Lake Michigan. The views are incredible, the fun is out of control, and the dunes are a fun time. Remember you’ll need a ten foot whip flag before you venture out there!

Don’t forget, in the state of Michigan that you’ll also need a ORV Permit from the DNR  to ride on these trails (Some one has to take care of them right?).

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